Stockbridge Associates


Stockbridge Associates, LLC is a consultancy focused on the improvement of long-term profitability for homebuilders, master planned community developers, and investors involved in these types of businesses.

These improvements are accomplished via consulting assignments, engagement as interim management or board membership during strategic transitions, seminars and speaking engagements to teach best practices, and the publishing of articles and books about the best practices for improvement.

Most assignments for Stockbridge Associates involve the review of operations or strategy for a firm in order to determine recommended paths for improvement. Other times, the assignments involve the application of knowledge among specialists that have worked with Stockbridge Associates in the past in order to implement change. These teams, assembled for the particular needs of an individual client and managed by Stockbridge Associates, bring together some of the most experienced and brightest practitioners of best operating and financial practices in the industry.

Stockbridge Associates can also act as an interim manager for a firm or project in order to implement strategic change or serve as a hands-on board member for financial interests who do not have deep understanding of the homebuilding and residential development businesses.


George Casey has been selected at the Chairman of the Housing Innovation Alliance: a collaboration of builders, manufacturers, developers, industry professionals, and technology companies who are dedicated to driving innovation in housing.

George Casey, the CEO of Stockbridge Associates, LLC is now also Chairing a Vistage CEO private peer advisory group in the Portland, ME area. Vistage is the world's largest organization for private advisory boards for CEO's, executives, and business owners.

1000 and still going strong! Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze has now surpassed 1000 books sold. Released in October 2010, the book has been used by companies as part of an executive reading program and as a training tool for managers. It has also been given as a gift to young managers by their parents and mentors to help them begin their business careers. The book is available on Amazon in either soft cover or Kindle versions.


"Is the Juice...cleverly puts together catchy phrases and short stories to describe business concepts and lessons learned throughout Casey's business career. The thirty short chapters are an easy read and offer lessons for a Junior Achievement high school student as well as wisdom for an MBA and challenges you to create your own lessons learned. The book takes you beyond KISS (keep it simple stupid) with phrases/stories which will similarly "stick" with you. A good read, a fun read, a learning read."

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