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Stockbridge Associates, LLC is a consultancy focused on the improvement of long-term profitability, operational capability and strategic direction of small and medium sized businesses. 

These improvements are accomplished via consulting assignments, peer group facilitation, interim management or board membership during strategic transitions, seminars and speaking engagements, and the publication of articles and books on best practices for improvement. 

The firm has deep experience in the coaching and improvement of CEO and senior executive performance across multiple industries including home building, planned community development, resort, printing, engineering, service, university, and manufacturing. Read More About George Casey

Vistage Peer Advisory
Boards - ME, NH, MA

Vistage is an international CEO development organization with more than 23,000 members worldwide. Check out our video.


Business Consultation & Keynote Speaking

Stockbridge Associates’ business consultations are delivered by Principal George Casey, who is a frequent speaker and moderator at industry conferences.


About George Casey, 
Vistage Chair - New England

Principal George Casey is Chair of Vistage in New England. Vistage is a premier CEO development organization with more than 23,000 members worldwide.


How Vistage and Stockbridge Associates Can Help You Transform and Improve

Improvement and transformation in business involves three steps:

  • Recognizing the need for change
  • Finding the will to undertake the transformation
  • Developing and executing a strategic plan for improvement

An executive leader typically seeks assistance from Vistage and Stockbridge Associates when faced with the realization that the business isn’t performing to its full capacity and potential. Leveraging more than 40 years of executive leadership, business consultancy and executive coaching experience, Stockbridge Associates utilizes industry best practice implementation, operational and fiscal analysis, and strategic planning to achieve fiscal, operational and cultural improvements for businesses and the people who lead them.

Learn more about how Vistage and Stockbridge Associates can help your business. Give us a call at 207-869-5491 or email us.

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Professional Afiliations

Peer Advisory Boards for CEOs and Business Owners

George Casey, Vistage Chair for Maine and New England, mentors business leaders to help them reach their personal and business goals. More>>>

Housing Innovation Alliance

Under George Casey’s guidance, the  Housing Innovation Alliance has become the collaboration hub for large residential builders and developers. More>>>