Vistage Peer Advisory Board - Maine

In addition to his consultancy business, Stockbridge Associates Principal George Casey also serves as the Chair of a Vistage private peer advisory group for chief executive officers in the Southern Maine. 

Vistage is a leading business advisory and executive coaching organization that has been helping CEOs, business owners and executives transform and improve their businesses for more than 60 years.

As Vistage Chair for Southern Maine, George leverages his 40+ years of experience in executive leadership and consultancy to guide local business leaders through growth and change periods that affect their own personal lives and those of their employees, companies and communities. George meets with the group of executives (peer advisory board) that he is mentoring each month, gathering them together for confidential, candid roundtable discussions of their most urgent business issues. George guides the discussions, identifies resources and offers counsel and support throughout.

In addition to facilitating monthly group meetings for the peer advisory board, George meets individually with each executive in the group. The one-on-one meetings with George each month allow board members to dig deep into the challenges and opportunities they currently face. Drawing on his many years of experience, George guides each executive through critical decision-making and business transformations, while developing a personal rapport with each board member that often reaps rewards for years to come.

How Vistage Impacts Business Owners

With 22,000 members in 20 countries, Vistage brings together business leaders who value excellence over ego. Vistage provides members with the resources, relevant research, and insight and perspective needed to make wise and fruitful decisions. Vistage helps executives become better leaders, make better decisions and earn better results.

Through its peer advisory board membership model, Vistage members can access the valuable, real-world advice and perspective of their Chair, who acts as business coach, advisor and mentor. The Chair ensures that members remain accountable and committed to the goals they wish to reach, ultimately offering the insight and knowledge executives need to improve and transform their businesses and lives.

Some of the benefits of Vistage membership include:

  • Increased profitability and upward trends
  • Access to a real-world education and development program built on experience
  • Increased decision making and crisis management skills
  • Knowledge of industry best practices
  • Strategic planning and operational guidance
  • Structured accountability
  • Broadening of critical thinking abilities and business management expertise
  • Access to Vistage’s Research Center

What Vistage Members say ....

George Casey has become my guiding light. 

His wisdom, candor and ability to simplify complex situations is uncanny.   He inspires me to be a better person both personally and professionally and to apply solid principles and values to my business and my everyday life.

I look forward to his ongoing support for years to come.

Bob Smith, Sebasco Resorts, Phippsburg

Vistage create an environment where I could learn and grow as a leader and reinforced for me the strengths I bring to my company. It has given me insights on my leadership style and has pushed me to be more effective and more focused.

Through my monthly meetings with the Vistage group and with my Chair (George Casey), my business acumen and strategic focus has accelerated significantly.The investment of time and resources is small compared to the ROI.

George (Casey) has given me the skills and knowledge to me a much better CEO and leader.   He taught me how to balance my work schedule to become more productive. He is a mentor, a tough-love coach, and a business genius. He builds on your strengths and asks the tough questions. He truly shapes you into becoming the most effective leader you can be.

June Koegel, CEO, Volunteers of America-Northern New England

Vistage brings together a diverse group of owners and CEOs with similar challenges and opportunities for growing and managing their businesses in today’s corporate culture. 

I have found both our meetings with the entire group and personal 121’s with George always relevant and pertinent to my business situation. Vistage provides in-depth issues processing combined with proven strategic planning advice. 

George is an excellent facilitator and keenly identifies areas for improvement and helps keep us all on task.

Rick Conant, RLC Engineering

A Community Like No Other ....

Vistage brings together executive leaders and business owners who are focused on and committed to identifying opportunities for growth and improvement, both professionally and personally. The honest feedback and support that comes out of monthly meetings allows members to feel confident as they make crucial decisions and formulate strategies for the future.

Vistage members are people who want to give back to their professions, communities and fellow business leaders. They possess valuable insight and perspective that can help fellow business leaders navigate complex issues, better understand industry best practices and ultimately become better leaders.

Learn More About Vistage and George Casey

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