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May 17, 2018


In November of 2016, in a “By George!” article “Home Building's Elephant in the Room”, I put forth the thesis that the homebuilding industry was reaching the point of severe labor constraint and that new thinking and business models were needed. More>>>

March 27, 2018


I have an old and cracked leather copy of Nathaniel Bowditch’s “American Practical Navigator” from the mid-1800’s, handed down from an ancestor who was a clipper ship captain. I also have all 14 volumes of Samuel Eliot Morrison’s “History of United States Naval Operations in World War II” (it was the basis of the 1950s television series “Victory at Sea”). More>>>

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Peer Advisory Boards for CEOs and Business Owners

George Casey, Vistage Chair for Maine and New England, mentors business leaders to help them reach their personal and business goals. More>>>

Housing Innovation Alliance

Under George Casey’s guidance, the  Housing Innovation Alliance has become the collaboration hub for large residential builders and developers. More>>>