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Stockbridge Associates supplies residential development executives with the guidance they require to improve their businesses’ operational efficiency, profitability, and fiscal health. We have helped more than 25 home building and residential development companies over the years, positioning them for continued success with forward-thinking strategic planning. Often working at the intersection of strategy, finance, and operations, change initiatives have led to improved results such as halving construction cycle times, improving return on assets by five-fold, doubling net income margin, and significantly improving customer, vendor, and employee satisfaction.

Unparalleled Residential Development Expertise

George also has worked in partnership with IBACOS, a building innovation company, to help create and market products and services aimed at builders and suppliers to the residential construction industry. He was an initial investor and Board member for BuildIQ, a web based training platform for the industry.

Most recently, George has served as the Chairman of the Housing Innovation Alliance, a collaboration of builders, suppliers, and industry enablers who are focused on large-scale innovations in the creation of housing. He has helped the Alliance to become a leading think tank, particularly in the areas of automation in housing production and evolving business models combining both for-sale and for-rent new home communities. Read More About George Casey

George is a very skilled leader with great analytical skills. He is a big believer in communicating to all parties what have "an oar in the water".

George is very knowledgeable and insightful in all aspects of production homebuilding and has consistently demonstrated the ability to translate his analytical skills into process oriented results.

He very effectively communicates goals and objectives that his reports can translate into actionable business plans. George is also very approachable as well as a true "players" coach.

Bob Zweier, President, Saussy Burbank

It is with great pride that I recommend George Casey. George continues to be a mentor to me and I regularly conclude my days with questions of reflection, and challenges for tomorrow, that I know George would ask of me.

George’s leadership style makes him extremely accessible to all levels of the organization. His approach to real estate is creative and visionary. He was able to utilize his experiences to formulate strategies that helped our organization emerge from reorganization.

John Evans, President, Pulte Group

George Casey has become my guiding light.

His wisdom, candor and ability to simplify complex situations is uncanny. He inspires me to be a better person both personally and professionally and to apply solid principles and values to my business and my everyday life.

I look forward to his ongoing support for years to come.

Bob Smith, Sebasco Resorts, Phippsburg

Vistage create an environment where I could learn and grow as a leader and reinforced for me the strengths I bring to my company. It has given me insights on my leadership style and has pushed me to be more effective and more focused.

Through my monthly meetings with the Vistage group and with my Chair (George Casey), my business acumen and strategic focus has accelerated significantly.The investment of time and resources is small compared to the ROI.

George (Casey) has given me the skills and knowledge to me a much better CEO and leader. He taught me how to balance my work schedule to become more productive. He is a mentor, a tough-love coach, and a business genius. He builds on your strengths and asks the tough questions. He truly shapes you into becoming the most effective leader you can be.

June Koegel, CEO, Volunteers of America-Northern New England

We have known George for over 20 years, after searching him out to collaborate with our company, IBACOS, due to his unmatched industry experience, expertise and passion for housing. Over the years, he has advised both both of us and our executive leadership team from strategic and financial performance perspectives.

His positive attitude, brilliant mind, ego-less stance, and straightforward desire to create business value for his clients is unmatched!

Mark Tilley, Co-Founder and CEO, IBACOS

George was invaluable in helping to establish BuildIQ as a new company in the digital knowledge space within the U.S. homebuilding industry. He provided tremendous strategic insight from a production homebuilder executive’s point of view, which helped us define and develop our offering. He guided the new company’s evolution – and coached me in my CEO role – as an active member of BuildIQ’s Board of Directors.

Michael Dickens, CEO, BuildIQ Inc.

Vistage brings together a diverse group of owners and CEOs with similar challenges and opportunities for growing and managing their businesses in today’s corporate culture. 

I have found both our meetings with the entire group and personal 121’s with George always relevant and pertinent to my business situation. Vistage provides in-depth issues processing combined with proven strategic planning advice. 

George is an excellent facilitator and keenly identifies areas for improvement and helps keep us all on task.

Rick Conant, RLC Engineering

George came in to Thrive to help me lead our people and our company to higher levels of performance. While we will always strive for improvement his impact on our company has led to dramatic improvements. George is now a Thriver, he is one of us.

If you are trying to take your company to a higher level, George will help you get there. Thrive is a much better company today than when he first started working with us. I consider him a trusted advisor and a friend who is willing to tell you what you NEED to hear.

Gene Myers, President, Thrive

George and his company have been a tremendous asset to us at Princeton Communities, LLC. The knowledge he has been able to provide through real life experiences and examples not only provided us with a wealth of information, but allowed us to think about investing and planning in new and exciting ways.

George helped us streamline our operations by drilling down on important issues while quickly moving from concept to conclusion of our projects, the effects of which we see directly in our bottom line. Many of his suggestions for improvement have been implemented in our day to day operations, with truly amazing results. I will not hesitate to continue to rely on the George and his team at Stockbridge Associates in the future as Princeton Communities continues to grow with their expert guidance and assistance.

Jeff Cernuto, President of Princeton Communities in Mooresville, NC.

Award-Winning Results

Stockbridge Associates and George Casey have a history of producing award-winning results for its home building and residential development clients and playing a crucial role in their successes. Here is a sampling of some of those accomplishments of which we are particularly proud.

In the late 1990s, as President of Arvida/St Joe’s South Florida Division, George was instrumental in the completion of the development and building the downtown area, golf course, commercial district, and residential neighborhoods for the city of Weston, Fla. Tasked with the completion of over 6000 homes plus design, construction and completion of the entire downtown of the community in under 5 years, Principal George Casey led a team of over 500, plus nearly 5000 subcontractors, to raise production and sales of homes from 800/year to over 1500/year. In this effort, the cycle time for building homes was cut in half from 260 days to 125, homebuilding margins improved over 1000 basis points, and the return on assets was raised from 16.5% to over 100% per year. In the process, Weston became the 4th largest Master Planned Community in the country and was recognized as the prime example of a high performing, integrated residential development and homebuilding operation in the country.

Today, Weston is considered a principal city within the Miami metro area and in 2010 was ranked as one of the top 20 "Biggest Earner" cities in the US by Money Magazine. In 2006, Weston also was named the city with the largest job growth in Florida and 18th largest in the nation.

In 2016, Thrive Homebuilders of Denver, Colo., approached Stockbridge Associates for help in assessing the company’s business model and efficiency. Over a one and one-half year period, Stockbridge Associates worked with the company and its CEO to rethink the company’s organization, redistribute internal reporting responsibilities, and create an internal infrastructure for the company that would increase profitability. After implementing Stockbridge Associates’ suggested changes, Thrive Homebuilders’ operations became more organized and focused, its trade relationships improved, and the company reorganized itself to include an ongoing focus on process control and improvement. In December of 2017, the company was named Professional Builder magazine's 2017 Builder of the Year. Stockbridge Associates continues to work the Board of Directors, CEO and management team on ongoing improvement initiatives.

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To learn more about Stockbridge Associates’ business consulting services, and Vistage executive coaching and how we can help increase your business’ profitability, call us at 207-869-5491 or email info@stockbridgeassoc.com.

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