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July 08, 2015


Yogi Berra housing economics teaches that we may already know what we're trying to find out; which is what learning is all about More>>>

February 16, 2015


Home building veteran George Casey looks back to glimpse at what may be around the next corner The original Star Trek series ran on TV from 1966-1969. I always loved the idea in the series and its follow-ons that there was a transporter that “beamed” someone from one location to another, giving rise to the phrase “Beam me up, Scotty!” More>>>

January 12, 2015


Home building sage George Casey looks with a long view at short and long-term trends. I kind of like the last weeks of the year, particularly the time between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Lots of people take time off. The phones go quiet. It kind of slows down. More>>>

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Peer Advisory Boards for CEOs and Business Owners

George Casey, Vistage Chair for Maine and New England, mentors business leaders to help them reach their personal and business goals. More>>>

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Under George Casey’s guidance, the  Housing Innovation Alliance has become the collaboration hub for large residential builders and developers. More>>>